Million Color L.E.D. Angel Eyes


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AutoMoGlow Million Color LED Angel Eyes provide a stylish brand of radiance CCFL Angel Eyes never could. The alluring angel eyes that captured the attention of the industry have handed down even more hot and accessible options for the future.

If every time you take a glimpse at your headlights and nothing grabs your attention, then something is wrong. AutoMoGlow Lancer LED Angel Eyes fill up that void by illuminating the road with a modern edge and runway-worthy fashion. It·s time to release your vehicle·s stylish potential. AutoMoGlow Lancer LED Angel Eyes can make it happen. Already have CCFL Angel Eyes, the upgrade is worth it! Super Bright!

AutoMoGlow Lancer LED Angel Eye Kits include:

  • (2) LED Hi Beam Halo Rings
  • (2) LED Lo Beam Halo Rings
  • Wire Harness for Power
  • 3M double sided tape for placement*
  • set of clips
  • Remote Control

*For more permanent placement AutoMoGlow recommends a silicone adhesive

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